A Concise History of These Maladies

My name is Grace O'Malley. I'm not a pirate--not really. Maybe just a shade piratical, although I prefer rakish. Or dashing. 

I'm a writer.

This began as my year of saying yes. Over the months since I began leaving my work here and there on the internet, I've become an editor for IndieInk (RIP), been asked to offer my evil format challenges at the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads, moved on to the Scriptic Collective...and closed a chapter in my old life by publishing a chapbook full of words that were almost there. But not quite. So I'm still writing. 

I try to keep to a schedule but will deviate from any course if I feel so compelled. I will share what I want, when I want, and hope that you will understand, if not necessarily appreciate, the offering. Occasionally I will work on ugly things, or things that are too raw or rough for everyone. You will know these posts by the warning made famous by Dante Alighieri, "All hope abandon, ye who enter in." Do not complain to me later if you pass under the arch in full knowledge of what lies beyond.

I will not apologize for not posting, but I will not stop posting unless there is other work to be done. Patience is a virtue I aim to cultivate in others, while completely ignoring it in myself.

What you will see here will not be polished, perfected work--I keep that stuff under lock and key in the galley. This is my place to participate in writing experiments and online challenges, and critiques are expected, even encouraged. If you hurt my feelings, though, you will be keelhauled. So keep it constructive, because I am cruel, like the sea. 

Your beautifully autocratic Captain,