Thursday, June 23

A Week Afloat

I've taken to this like a barnacle takes to the ship's belly, my darlings.

I even have a sort of mental schedule. Of course, because I am writing other things, they might take precedence, or I might fall in love with a story and post it instead. I could even decide to post multiple things a day, if I wanted to do nothing other than gaze into this glowing screen.

As it stands, now, though:

One Stop Poetry posts a poetry form for "Form Mondays".
Tuesdays are for my cherished "Haiku Tuesday", the reason I joined Twitter in the first place.
One Stop Poetry also posts "One Shot Wednesdays", for which I intend to work on excruciatingly difficult (for me) poetic formats.
Thursday is the deadline to have posted my response to an Indie Ink challenge prompt.
So, somewhere in the week, I will post my challenge response, yes. But Thursdays are for my other little love, the tanka. Therefore, Tanka Thursday.
Fridays and Saturdays I will post whatever I damned well feel like, probably a short story of some sort. Sundays are for non-blogging things.

The sea is a capricious creature, my loves, and so am I. Don't bother your Captain with complaints if I don't keep to the course--unless you're very good at balancing on a splintery plank.

Let's see how long I keep this up before I have to tack south and head for Tortuga, shall we?

Your prettily painted Captain,