Monday, July 18

no quarter

Come on, then--
I am an easy target.  I defied all
their laws to bring this invention
to the people, this shifting thing

that is danger and beauty in one
flickering compelling gleaming piece.
I never wanted to live forever,
but with that granted, the people

are at their mercy just a little less.
Come in and sit at the hearth,
they can offer, even as you pull
moist and quivering chunks

from my gaping flesh.  It's of no
matter here, where I wait
to see your silhouette
against the day's rising.  Still,
I cherish the flame lodged in my heart

and will remain unrepentant
until I am granted a release.

It's Form Monday over at One-Stop Poetry, and this week's theme is mythology.  Which, if you've been following along at all, you know is very close to my heart.  So I won't call this a challenge, so much as a piece that has been waiting for a place to roost.