Wednesday, August 3


"Darling, let me in, let me in."
I hear the words through shutters frail,
as if from a kinder night. He's
fresh into port, home from the sea.

Urgently his voice comes now,
"Let me in, darling, let me in!"
His fervent grasp, those scratching nails,
the latch rattling in the door.

Our lovers' knot, it has become,
his plea and my refusal plain.
"Let me in, darling, let me in,"
his whisper colder than the wind.

There were no bodies found that night;
all hands were lost at sea. And yet?
Before the dawn, he comes to growl
"Darling, let me in. Let me in!"

This week's format is the quatern, a four-quatrain poem with a repeating--but moving--refrain.  Sounds trickier than it actually is, right?  Sure, except that each line must also be a scant (for me) eight syllables!  I loved this format and we may have to do it again--I think I need more time with it, might even do some stealth editing here if my brain gives me some more effective words.  
So...we have the usual suspects.  Me, of course, and the lovely runaway sentence., whose offering is here, as well as a crystalline entry by A.F. (a non-blogger).  I believe we also have some new additions.  Are you participating in the weekly format challenge?  Let me know and I'll add you to our tiny linkfarm.  This week...prepare yourself for the pantoum!